Grains, Pasta, Rice & Beans

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The Artisanal Kitchen™ offers 12 distinctive varieties of all-natural grains, pasta, rice and beans. And because we want you to enjoy them as much as we do, each package carries our favorite serving suggestions and recipes designed to reveal a world of great taste.

TAK_Grains_Wild Rice

Quick Cooking & Nutty Wild Rice

$20   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Rapidly Delicious”
Quick Cooking & Nutty  Wild Rice

Our “Rapidly Delicious” rice has the satisfyingly chewy texture and complex flavor or regular wild rice, but cooks in literally half the time!  What a clever way to enjoy wild rice, from  our kitchen to yours.

TAK_Grains_Purple Stick Rice

Sweet & Exotic Purple Sticky Rice

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Royally Scrumptious”
Sweet & Exotic Purple Sticky Rice

Our “Royally Scrumptious” purple is ooey-gooey goodness.  This unique rice has a beautiful indigo sheen a slightly fruity sweet flavor.  When cooked, this sweet, berry-like flavored rice turns dramatically dark & glossy. To help maintain optimal rice tederness, do not add salt until the end of cooking.

TAK_Grains_Farro Whole Grain

Pearled for Quicker Cooking Farro Whole Grain

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Chewy & Robust”
Pearled for Quicker Cooking Farro Whole Grain

Farro is a deliciously substantial wheat grain with a lusciously leathery texture.   Our “Chewy & Robust”  is super versatile and packed full of nutrients and fiber.

TAK_Grains_Flageolet Beans

Delicate & Creamy Flageolet Beans

$10   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Mouthwateringly Mellow”
Delicate & Creamy Flageolet Beans

A white bean with an emerald jewel inside, this “Mouthwateringly Mellow”  legume is richly flavorful and hearty as is.

TAK_Grains_Quinoa Super Grain

Light & Versatile Quinoa Super Grain

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Fluffy & Filling”
Light & Versatile Quinoa Super Grain

This itty-bitty grain packs a whallop of sustenance. Our “Fluffy & Filling” quinoa is great source protein, fiber, iron, and calcium.  Its subtle rain-water flavor also plays well with just about any flavor you team it up with.

TAK_Grains_Amaranth Grain

Woodsy & Peppery Amaranth Whole Grain

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Comfortingly Crunchy” Woodsy & Peppery
Amaranth Whole Grain

Centuries ago, the Aztecs worshiped amaranth and it is easy to see why. Our “Comfortingly Crunchy” amaranth has a nutty flavor and tantalizingly toothy texture.  It is truly heavenly!

TAK_Grains_Bamboo Rice

Moist & Savory Bamboo Rice

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Delightfully Fragrant”
Moist & Savory Bamboo Rice

Our “Delightfully Fragrant” bamboo rice has the flavor of white rice, but with a gorgeous jade color and the hypnotic aroma of green tea.  That is because we infuse the rice with the juice of tender, young bamboo, fortifying it with vitamin B and antioxidant-rich chlorophyll.

The secret of the beautiful, pale green color of this moist, short grain rice is an infusion of all natural, pure, fresh bamboo juice. It reminds me of the flavor and aroma of jasmine green tea.

TAK_Grains_Cannellini Beans

Mild & Nutty Cannelini Beans

$12   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Deliciously Creamy”
Mild & Nutty Cannelini Beans

Jam-packed with “Deliciously Creamy” and delicately nutty taste along with a silky-smooth texture, our  cannelini beans are super tasty by themselves.   The Artisanal Kitchen Cannellini beans are creamy & smooth and great for a quick bean dip, yummy sandwich spread or as a side.

TAK_Grains_Red Rice

Rich & Nutty Naturally Red Rice

$14   12oz

Try our NEW! “Exquisitely Nutty”
Rich & Hearty Red Rice

Looking for a unique grain that is kind to your body and easy on the palate?  Our “Exquisitely Nutty” whole-grain red rice is chocked full of hearty fiber, body-healing antioxidants, and rich, satisfying flavor.   Our Red Rice is ideally textured for pilafs & salads, combine with other colored rices for great contrast!

TAK_Grains_Mixed Lentils

Textured & Earthy Mixed Lentils

$15   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Rich & Hearty”
Textured & Earthy Mixed Lentils

A rainbow of luscious legumes, our “Rich & Hearty” lentils have a full-bodied, earthy flavor and are packed with fiber.  Because they are quicker cooking than beans, our mixed lentils are a fabulous side or main dish selection!

Imagine simmering them with balsamic vinegar and time, then topping them off with crispy bacon. Or tossing them into a salad with baby spinach? Our lentils are an amazing match for grilled sausage. Try our great recipes, too!

• Lovingly Made in Small Batches
• Ready in as Little as 10 Minutes!
• Delicious Everyday Indulgences
• Better Than Beans—Cooks in Half the Time!

All Natural & Kosher
Absolutely No Preservatives or Additives
No Gluten * No Fillers* No Way!

We hope you will be inspired by our personal favorites.

Please, let us know how you L-L-L-Lentil!

TAK_Grains_Saffron Rice

Delicate & Fragrant Saffron Rice

$14   12 oz.

Try our NEW! “Vibrantly Exotic”
Delicate & Fragrant Saffron Rice

Feast your eyes on this gorgeous golden grain as you take in its irresistible floral aroma and decadent flavor.   Our “Vibrantly Exotic” saffron rice is a delectable treat that satisfies your hunger indulges the senses.  This golden yellow rice, with a delicate hint of fragrant saffron, is delicious as is or in a spanish style paella.

TAK_Grains_Fregola Sarda Pasta

Rustic & Toasted Fregola Sarda Pasta

$15   12oz

Try our NEW! “Nutty & Natural” Rustic & Toasted
Fregola Sarda Pasta

Each tiny pebble of our “Nutty & Natural” fregola sarda is a cornucopia of satisfyingly starchy and toasty flavor.  That is because this petite little pasta is gently sauteed after it is shaped, also giving it a delicately rough texture that clings to sauces so well.

This slightly nutty-tasting, sardinian pasta is dried, then toasted. Sauces cling beautifully to its rough texture. Substitute in your favorite pasta or cous cous dishes, including soups, salads & sides.

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